Hall of Fame Inductees

2021 – Jack Williams
2019 – Stephen Gill
2019 – Jocelyne Eubank
2018 – Ed Laird
2017 – Jim Armor
2016 – Chuck Brewer
2015 – Ron Hoffman
2014 – Ed Fleming
2013 – Lance Neward
2012 – George Epstein
2011 – John Hoven
2011 – Alex Mora
2010 – Vishu Shah
2009 – Art Buckle
2008 – John La Fountain
2007 – Richard Luciano
2007 – Bill West
2006 – Jack Gorman
2005 – Rusty Miller
2005 – Bruce Ray
2004 – Joe La Fountain
2003 – Spencer Knapp
2003 – Carolyn Knapp
2002 – Tom Lee
2001 – Walt Hubinger
2000 – Les Swanson
2000 – Merrill Roth
1999 – Ripley W. Gage
1999 – Betty Gage
1998 – Frank DeVore
1997 – Jim Wolcott
1996 – Al Carmien
1995 –
1994 – Jim Sharbaugh
1993 –
1992 – Jim Prior
1991 – M.C Gill
1990 – Christine Konecny
1989 – Erin Walsh
1988 – Charles Leighton
1987 – Robert Halliday
1986 – Warren Buschman
1985 – Jim Prior
1984 – William Dewar
1984 – Charles Zimmerman
1983 – Leroy Hughes
1982 – Norry M. Hastings
1981 – Dr. Raymond Seymour
1981 – Dr. Raymond Seymour
1980 – Louis E. Tallman
1979 – Elmer Meyer
1979 – Martin Usab
1978 – John Delmonte
1978 – W. Brandt Goldsworthy
1978 – Robert B. Gutsch
1978 – Harry Hahn
1978 – George Huisman
1978 – Fred L. Kennerly
1978 – J.D. McDonald
1978 – David Swedlow
Unknown Year of Induction
DeWitt Cheney
Elmer Davis
Ralph Edwards
William Hess
Elmer Huling
Frank Kenyon
Roy Peat
John Rogers
Don Welker
Frank Wilcox

HOF Nomination Procedures

Eligibility – Criteria BOD and HOF Committee

Submission Guidelines
Criteria The WPP Hall of Fame honors those persons who have made a) an outstanding contribution to the plastics industry over an extended period, b) a major technical contribution to the plastics industry during their career, c) developed an innovation with an identifiable impact on the plastics industry, or d) any combination of the foregoing.

The WPP Hall of Fame Committee will consider only the following in making its selections:

  1. A summary of the accomplishments of the individual nominee.
  2. Completed Hall of Fame Nomination Form
  3. Short Biography of Nominee

Any person may submit this Nomination Form directly to the WPP Hall of Fame Committee or to a WPP Board member prior to the end of the nomination period. Nominations must be postmarked not later than April 1 of each year in order to be considered for induction during the following year.

Nomination Form PDF

HOF Nominee Criteria for Consideration

Qualities or Values of a Leader

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” President John Quincy Adams

Leaders Create, Motivate, and Generate.

Vision, Positive Attitude, Initiative, Motivation, Energy, DRIVE: Leaders exhibit a high effort level. They have a relatively high desire for achievement, have a lot of energy, show initiative, and they’re persistent in their activities.

Integrity, Honesty, Participates, Influential,

INTEGRITY: Leaders build trusting relationship between themselves and followers by being truthful and by showing consistency between word and deed

Trust, Communicator , Self Confidence

SELF CONFIDENCE: Leaders build trusting relationship between themselves and followers by being truthful and by showing consistency be-tween word and deed


A quality team leader treats team members fairly He is consistent with rewards and recognition, as well as disciplinary action. A leader ensures all of their employees receive the same treatment.

Accountability, Intelligence

DESIRE TO LEAD :Leaders have a strong desire to influence and lead others, they demonstrate the willingness to take responsibility. Leaders gather, synthesize and interpret data to create vision, solve problems and make decisions.

Risk Taker, Change Agent

JOB RELEVANT KNOWLEDGE : Effective leaders have a high degree of knowledge about the company, industry, and technical matters. In-depth knowledge allows leaders to make well-informed decisions and to understand the implications of those decisions.

Develops New Leaders while building a Team, Inspires others

Continuous Performance, Track Record,

Establish a long term record of positive results based on their performance versus objectives.