2018 Western Plastics Pioneers Scholarship Awarded to Levi Hamernik of Western Washington University

This year’s Western Plastics Pioneers scholarship recipient is a senior at Western Washington University, majoring in plastics and composites engineering.Levi Hamernik is a senior, a member of the local Society or Plastic Engineers (SPE), and is working towards a degree in polymer science . He intends to continue his studies and seek a post graduate degree in polymer engineering or another material science related field.

Mr. Hamernik’s goal is to pursue a career working on the research and development of next generation materials. His research interests include sustainability, advanced composites, and biomedical applications.

At Western Washington University, he has worked on research projects conducting resin system development, characterization, and composite processing for aerospace applications. Levi has also been involved in a sustainability based project investigating fungal degradation and organic volatile adsorption of commodity plastics. Most recently he worked in a mechanical engineering lab at Case Western Reserve University, conducting research on the development of an elastomeric polymer skin for a biologically inspired robotic worm.

The Western Plastics Pioneers has established a scholarship program to provide awards of $1,000.00 each to undergraduate students enrolled in associate degree or technical degree programs. To qualify, the applicant must be attending schools in Arizona California, Oregon or Washington.

The scholarship program will be managed by the SPE Foundation with offices in Newton, Connecticut. The Foundation will include information on their website and prepare literature to be sent to various schools and publications. Students who have demonstrated or expressed an interest in the plastics industry and are taking courses that will be beneficial to their career in the plastics industry will be considered for the scholarship. The Western Plastics Pioneers scholarship program was established to further the education of plastics and technology by students in these fields.

Do you know a deserving student or have a relative attending a college or a university in Arizona, California, Oregon, or Washington? Are they actively pursuing a degree relative to plastics? Contact Richard Luciano for questions regarding SPE scholarship applications and guidance at LuciRJ@aol.com.