President’s Message

President’s Message

WPP Past President’s Message – Volume 4 – May 2021

On Tuesday, April 20th, the 2019-21 WPP Board of Directors met for the final time at a new venue, Hot Rods & Handguns Shooting and Social Club, in Huntington Beach. It was the first in person meeting in over a year.

First, I thank all of you for allowing me the privilege and honor of serving as your president over the past two years. We have been able to accomplish some significant steps forward, and some of those are highlighted below. Troy Eubank has enthusiastically assumed the reins for the coming term, and we look forward to our progress under his leadership.

Highlights of the meeting:

  • a motion was unanimously approved to schedule the WPP Annual Meeting for Sunday, October 17, 2021 at Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park
  • Membership:
    • Total: 86 (96 in 2020)
    • New Members (6):
      • John Cessna
      • Steve Hibdon
      • Rich Popp
      • Curt Schmuhl
      • Mark Jacobsen
      • Rick Hayes
  • A big shout out to Jeff Lawrence for his tireless efforts to retain members and find new members!
  • planning for 2021 social events includes a Wine Tasting in June, Pageant of the Masters in August, and WPP Annual Meeting in October
  • new WPP Bylaws were discussed and approved after amending Article III, Section 3, “Years Employed in the Plastics Industry …”, from twenty years to fifteen years. A very special thank you to Roger France and Lance Neward for the considerable time spent on this project! The new bylaws are attached.
  • the 2021-23 WPP Board of Directors and Officers were elected:
    • President: Troy Eubank
    • Secretary: Ed Laird
    • Treasurer: Roger France
    • President Elect: George Yule
    • Recording Secretary: Vivian Chavez
    • Assistant Treasurer: Susan Granger
    • Membership: Jeff Lawrence
    • Annual Luncheon: Rusty Miller
    • Social Events: Rodger Foster
    • Raffle: Joe La Fountain
    • Liaison: Richard Luciano
    • Education: George Yule
    • Scholarships: Mike Friend
    • Historian: Dee Ketner
    • Parliamentarian: Lance Neward
    • Communications (website/newsletter): Mark Jacobsen

We would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and participation. You are welcome to attend our next BoD meeting on June 1st. Contact any of the above Board members for details.

Wishing you all the best!
George Yule
WPP Immediate Past President, Education Chair.

Ed Laird, Vivian Chavez, Troy Eubank, Susan Granger, Jeff Lawrence, Dee Ketner, Rodger Foster, Skip Humphrey, Rick Hayes, Roger France