With the retirement of our long time and amazing Western Plastics Pioneers Newsletter Editor, Rick Roelen, the Board of Directors has agreed that a President’s Message be published quarterly on the website.  Feedback, suggestions and contributions are welcomed.

WPP invited to PPA Spring Meeting in San Diego:

You recently received an email from WPP regarding a unique event happening in San Diego on April 16th – 18th.  The Plastics Pioneers Association (PPA) has invited the WPP to be part of their Spring Meeting at the Mission Valley Marriott.  This is a special opportunity to meet other industry pioneers, hear about the history of the industry we are all a part of, tour the Del Coronado and the Midway aircraft carrier, and take part in a reception and dinner hosted by PPA and sponsored by Troy Eubank and Modified Plastics.  Call Rodger Foster (909/263-2124) or myself (720/512-3935) for more details.

WPP Website (https://www.westernplasticspioneers.org):

  • Troy Eubank is now heading up the website and working on adding content and features.
  • in a joint effort with Jeff Lawrence, WPP Membership Chair, we are starting to add biographies and pictures of our members.  Please visit the website to see the format and instructions on how to submit yours.

WPP Education and Scholarships:

Over the past two years the Education Committee, chaired by Richard Luciano, has been actively working on advancing our efforts to reach more students and offer more scholarships.  In 2019 we gave, for the first time ever, three scholarships with one being from the Mike Friend family.  Please keep visiting the website to keep up with the Education Committee activities.

What do our members want:

  • We want to hear from our members.  Share your ideas, suggestions, and comments.  Call (720/512-3935), or write (gyule48@gmail.com)
  • Invite colleagues to join WPP.  Membership Application is on the website.

George Yule, President
Western Plastics Pioneers