Joe La Fountain took on the task of the annual luncheon raffle as a challenge to improve participation and increase the contribution to the Western Plastics Pioneers Scholarship Fund. Over the past four years, Joe as a major contributor, has set the bar high and encouraged others to participate by donating prizes and prize money to our luncheon raffle. Joe believes that everyone should leave the luncheon with a prize and a memory. He revised the ticket offering to encourage more participation. He increased the prize money as well as the number of prizes available. Joe hawks the tickets and encourages
attendees to buy more.

The results of the 2017 raffle indicate that Joe is on the right track. This year the raffle netted more than $2800 for the scholarship fund. Thanks to those who participated in the raffle the scholarship fund is on solid ground.

More importantly, the Board of Directors of the Western Plastics Pioneers wishes to thank all of those who donated prizes, prize money, and their time to accumulate, shop and assemble the raffle prizes. All too often we forget to say thanks for a job well done. Thanks to Joe and his crew of staff participants for all that you have done to make the raffle such a special part of the event.

Scholarship winners may not know of the effort that has been made to generate the funds that they receive, but they appreciate the source of those funds. The Western Plastics Pioneers can be proud of their charitable donations and the goodwill created.