Chuck Brewer III, often referred to as “CB3”. Is a third generation Plastics industry “Pioneer” mentored by a family of mold makers. The Western Plastics Pioneers welcome his years of experience and knowledge to the leadership of the Board of Directors.

Chuck grew up in the molding business doing odd jobs in his grandfather’s tool and die shop; CAB Tool in Bell Gardens. During his early years, he was mentored and apprenticed in mold making, molding and business operations by his father who launched C. Brewer Co. in 1966.

CB3 attended California State University at Fuller-ton while apprenticing as a mold maker at C. Brewer Co. in the afternoon after classes. Upon earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business he joined the C. Brewer Co. sales team. It was 1975 when Chuck shed his shop coat for a sports coat and began his career selling the full line services of the C. Brewer Co. During his early career he also man-aged Customer Care, Marketing, and Project Teams for the rapidly growing company.

In 1981 Chuck joined the Society of Plastics Engineers as a member of the Board of Directors and eventually served as president of that organization . He chaired the RETEC Conference in Irvine, was Vice Chairman of the ANTEC Conference in Los Angeles and was recognized as SPE’s “Man of the Year” in 2003.

Like so many successful molding operations, the C. Brewer Company continued to grow and expand their influence after CB3 and his brother Michael Brewer bought the business from their father Chuck Brewer jr. in 1997. The brothers altered the business philosophy emphasizing scientific molding processes while focusing on the medical market and engineering plastics.

Meanwhile, Chuck Brewer jr. came out of retirement and purchased KRK in Irvine. He relaunched the company as Brevet Industries. After successfully managing the development and growth of that enterprise, Chuck Brewer jr. decided to retire again. So, CB3 and Michael Brewer acquired that operation as well as Care-Fusion’s molding operations in Ontario, California.

A few years later, a surprise offer in 2012 from Balda, AG resulted in the sale of the C. Brewer Company and all of its holdings. By then, the company had grown significantly, employing 500 people , at three geographic locations, and operating more than 100 molding ma-chines.