WPP President’s Message – Volume 5 – Feb 2022


The Western Plastics Pioneers, (WPP) is an association that assists the future of the plastics Industry through student scholarships while preserving the fellowship and legacy of the industry.

Our mission is to continue to grow the bandwidth of scholarships to upcoming students through membership dues, social events and corporate donations. Last year the WPP awarded five (5) scholarships to local college students with an interest in our industry. Further, WPP is broadening its scope by reviewing/assisting in internship programs to help direct students towards fields in the plastics industry.

WPP membership is a library of information that continues to aid the industry at large.  It can be of assistance from equipment, design, tooling, reverse engineering, and material selection.  There are social events ranging from wine tasting, sport events, concerts, theater, and numerous luncheons where members can gather and take the opportunity to network.

To our existing members, Thank You for your continued support.  To our new members, Welcome.  Please join us on our journey to industry growth.


Troy Eubank
WPP President

New Members (15):

  • Rich Pope
  • Steve Hibdon
  • John Cessna
  • Curt Schmuhl
  • Mark Jacobsen
  • Arthur Kraatz
  • Evan Barnhart
  • Roger Renstrom
  • Gary Clauss
  • Robert Corley
  • Jose Garcia
  • Tom Gentile
  • Joseph McRoskey
  • Eric Rose
  • Kristen Jacobs

WPP Past President’s Message – Volume 4 – May 2021

On Tuesday, April 20th, the 2019-21 WPP Board of Directors met for the final time at a new venue, Hot Rods & Handguns Shooting and Social Club, in Huntington Beach. It was the first in person meeting in over a year.

First, I thank all of you for allowing me the privilege and honor of serving as your president over the past two years. We have been able to accomplish some significant steps forward, and some of those are highlighted below. Troy Eubank has enthusiastically assumed the reins for the coming term, and we look forward to our progress under his leadership.

Highlights of the meeting:

  • a motion was unanimously approved to schedule the WPP Annual Meeting for Sunday, October 17, 2021 at Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park
  • Membership:
    • Total: 86 (96 in 2020)
    • New Members (6):
      • John Cessna
      • Steve Hibdon
      • Rich Popp
      • Curt Schmuhl
      • Mark Jacobsen
      • Rick Hayes
  • A big shout out to Jeff Lawrence for his tireless efforts to retain members and find new members!
  • planning for 2021 social events includes a Wine Tasting in June, Pageant of the Masters in August, and WPP Annual Meeting in October
  • new WPP Bylaws were discussed and approved after amending Article III, Section 3, “Years Employed in the Plastics Industry …”, from twenty years to fifteen years. A very special thank you to Roger France and Lance Neward for the considerable time spent on this project! The new bylaws are attached.
  • the 2021-23 WPP Board of Directors and Officers were elected:
    • President: Troy Eubank
    • Secretary: Ed Laird
    • Treasurer: Roger France
    • President Elect: George Yule
    • Recording Secretary: Vivian Chavez
    • Assistant Treasurer: Susan Granger
    • Membership: Jeff Lawrence
    • Annual Luncheon: Rusty Miller
    • Social Events: Rodger Foster
    • Raffle: Joe La Fountain
    • Liaison: Richard Luciano
    • Education: George Yule
    • Scholarships: Mike Friend
    • Historian: Dee Ketner
    • Parliamentarian: Lance Neward
    • Communications (website/newsletter): Mark Jacobsen

We would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and participation. You are welcome to attend our next BoD meeting on June 1st. Contact any of the above Board members for details.

Wishing you all the best!
George Yule
WPP Immediate Past President, Education Chair.

Ed Laird, Vivian Chavez, Troy Eubank, Susan Granger, Jeff Lawrence, Dee Ketner, Rodger Foster, Skip Humphrey, Rick Hayes, Roger France

WPP President’s Message – Volume 3 – November 2020

As we continue to try and get our arms around a “new normal” I wanted to again update our membership on what your Western Plastics Pioneers Board has been doing.

Zoom Board Meetings:

  • Your WPP Board has been meeting regularly via Zoom to keep various activities moving (education/scholarships, membership, website, etc.). WPP members and others interested in WPP activities are welcomed to attend.
  • Financially we are healthy. Our Scholarship Fund balance is $19,243., and the General Fund balance is $7,794.44 (as of 9/30/20).

Three WPP Scholarships Awarded:

  • This summer, WPP awarded three $2,000.00 scholarships. The recipients were:
    • Juliana Covarrubias, Western Washington University
    • Allison Van Horn, Oregon State University
    • William Dayton, UC Davis
  • WPP member Mike Friend once again has donated the funds for a WPP scholarship.
  • Please visit the WPP website, www.westernplasticspioneers.org, under education to view the SPE Foundation, Western Plastics Pioneers 2020 Scholarship Report that details our 2020 recipients and the WPP scholarship history for the past four years, along with the personal note of thanks from the SPE Foundation.
  • A big THANK YOU to Richard Luciano and the scholarship selection committee for their efforts.

WPP Membership:

  • As of this writing, 75% of our members have mailed in their 2020 – 2021 dues. If you’ve already done this, thank you. We hope that this reminder will prompt you to send your annual dues of $45.00 to Jeff Lawrence. If there are reasons that you are reconsidering your membership in WPP, please contact me to discuss. Remember that WPP is about our plastic industry network and supporting scholarships.
  • If you have a friend, colleague, or knowledge of someone that should consider membership in WPP, please talk with them and forward their contact information to Jeff Lawrence at jeffslaw@earthlink.net.

WPP Website (www.westernplasticspioneers.org):

  • Check out the WPP Member Bio. tab in Membership. We encourage all WPP members to submit a biography and photo to Jeff Lawrence. Please review the current biographies as examples. (send info to Jeff at jeffslaw@earthlink.net)
  • See information on WPP scholarship winners in the Education section.

WPP Member feedback:

  • We want to hear from our members. Share your ideas, suggestions, and comments. Call (720-512-3935), or write (gyule48@gmail.com) or reach out to any of the WPP Board (see website for contact info.).
  • Invite colleagues to join WPP. Membership Application is on the website.

WPP President’s Message – Volume 2 – June 2020

What a year this has been …… and it’s not over yet. I want to bring you up to date on events and happenings in the Western Plastics Pioneers.

Your WPP is healthy and active:

  • Your WPP Board has been meeting every other month via Zoom to keep various activities moving (education/scholarships, membership, website, social activities, etc.)
  • Financially we are healthy. Our Scholarship Fund balance is $18,528, and the General Fund balance is $7,643.53.

2020 WPP Annual Meeting Postponed:

  • Your WPP Board has just voted to postpone the October Annual Meeting until next Spring. The health and safety of our members is paramount and the next several months are still uncertain. We will keep you updated.

2020 Pageant of the Masters has been cancelled

2020 – 21 WPP Membership Dues:

  • As of this writing, approximately 60% of our members have mailed in their 2020 – 21 dues. If you’ve already done this, thank you! If not, we hope that this reminder will prompt you to send your annual dues of $45.00 to Jeff Lawrence. An additional donation to the WPP Scholarship Fund would be greatly appreciated. If there are reasons that you are reconsidering your membership in WPP, please contact me to discuss. Remember that WPP is about your plastics industry network and supports scholarships.

WPP Education and Scholarships:

  • For the first time, WPP awarded three $2,000.00 scholarships in 2019. The recipients were:
    • Mikaela Sadri, Western Washington University□
    • Samuel Estes, Western Washington University
    • Jillian McKenzie, University of the Pacific
  • Also for the first time, a WPP member, Mike Friend, donated the fund for a WPP scholarship
  • The deadline for 2020 scholarship applications is approaching and we have seven great candidates.

WPP President’s Message – Volume 1 – February 2020

With the retirement of our long time and amazing Western Plastics Pioneers Newsletter Editor, Rick Roelen, the Board of Directors has agreed that a President’s Message be published quarterly on the website.  Feedback, suggestions and contributions are welcomed.

WPP invited to PPA Spring Meeting in San Diego:

You recently received an email from WPP regarding a unique event happening in San Diego on April 16th – 18th.  The Plastics Pioneers Association (PPA) has invited the WPP to be part of their Spring Meeting at the Mission Valley Marriott.  This is a special opportunity to meet other industry pioneers, hear about the history of the industry we are all a part of, tour the Del Coronado and the Midway aircraft carrier, and take part in a reception and dinner hosted by PPA and sponsored by Troy Eubank and Modified Plastics.  Call Rodger Foster (909/263-2124) or myself (720/512-3935) for more details.

WPP Website (https://www.westernplasticspioneers.org):

  • Troy Eubank is now heading up the website and working on adding content and features.
  • in a joint effort with Jeff Lawrence, WPP Membership Chair, we are starting to add biographies and pictures of our members.  Please visit the website to see the format and instructions on how to submit yours.

WPP Education and Scholarships:

Over the past two years the Education Committee, chaired by Richard Luciano, has been actively working on advancing our efforts to reach more students and offer more scholarships.  In 2019 we gave, for the first time ever, three scholarships with one being from the Mike Friend family.  Please keep visiting the website to keep up with the Education Committee activities.

What do our members want:

  • We want to hear from our members.  Share your ideas, suggestions, and comments.  Call (720/512-3935), or write (gyule48@gmail.com)
  • Invite colleagues to join WPP.  Membership Application is on the website.

George Yule, President
Western Plastics Pioneers